Mount Tibrogargan 364m track is a strenuous walking climb, even if it is in the national park. This is a climb, you will need your hands, some good leg muscles, strong heart and lungs with a decent level of fitness to make it to the top.

With it’s ape-like appearance, Tibrogargan can bee seen from the sea, [named by Captain Cook in 1770]  Scarborough, Bribie Island and the Caloundra and when your up on the Hinterland  be amazed when looking over it in the distance.

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Tibrogargan is an Aboriginal word believed to mean ‘biting grey glider’. Like the other Glass House Mountain peaks, the mountain is held sacred by Aboriginal people.  Glass House Mountains.

This is the ultimate adventure for any weekend adventurer on foot. Be prepared and tell some one or notify the parks and wild life that you will be up there on a certain day.

Good footwear, good sunscreen, plenty of water and a snack.

This isn’t a gentle, elevated stroll up a mountain. This is a sweaty task – but the view is awesome from the top .. .now the return trip back down….. mobile phone working — wonder if the helicopter will come and rescue me….!.

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