Randy has just finished and delivered his latest commisioned piece!


We were sad not to be setting this up in one of our own suites.

This beautiful bed is made of Australian Rosewood, boasts three sliding drawers on either side and has an amazing shield design set into it’s natural timber slab-style headboard.

Perfect for anyone that needs some extra storage space and/or doesn’t want a dresser standing in their bedroom. Luckily it was made to break down into five manageable pieces for easy transport and installation!

To see more examples of Randy DeGraw’s work visit Randy’s Work Studio  or when visiting Maleny, stop in at Peace of Green Gallery and Tree Frog Gallery or for the ‘Art Deco’ at Opals Down Under  on the Sunshine Coast.

Hosted by Barung Landcare, the Wood Expo showcases sustainable timber production and our beautiful native timbers through the work of local wood artisans.

Now including local Maleny produce; sustainable alternatives for the home; natural resource management displays and much more.

Smell the distinctive spicy aroma of newly milled timber and watch live demos of chainsaws, woodworking, trade tools and more.

Randy DeGraw will be giving instructions on how to gild your favourite piece of object d’art. http://www.malenywoodexpo.com.au/woodexpo/

Wood Artisan